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Achieve Your Goals

Market Opportunities

With years of experience in countless testing projects, we’re ready to take your business to the next level. At, we combine our insights on how to transform your plans, processes, strategies, and in turn your company. And our staff has the capabilities and experience to execute various projects. 




Direct Exporting

Direct exporting allows businesses to sell their technology and services through our partnerships and network. We help clients who are trying to establish their goods and services in the renewable energy market.


Licensing of technology is another area where we provide market entry opportunities. From basic to sophisticated arrangements;  we help firms transfer the rights to the use of a product or service to another firm. Licenses can be for marketing or production. 


Franchising is another area we help clients find a solution in gaining traction on the African market. 


Partnering is almost a necessity when entering foreign markets . Partnering can take a variety of forms from a simple co-marketing arrangement to a sophisticated strategic alliance for manufacturing. Partnering is a particularly useful strategy in small markets yet to gain traction in renewable energy.

Joint Ventures

Joint ventures are a particular form of partnership that involves the creation of a third independently managed company. Our insights provide ideal local partners who can align with foreign entities.

Turnkey Projects

Turnkey projects & Greenfield investments and also core areas where we can help provide the needed consulting and groundwork for both local and international partners.

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