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Agriculture is Key

Changing Perspectives of an Agrarian Economy

No industry sector means more to the African economy than agriculture.

Our focus are in three core areas:

  1. Production

  2. Value Adding

  3. Domestic demand & Exports


Africa has the potential to create a trillion dollars agriculture industry by the year 2030.


Value Adding

A Great Potential For Africa

Value added agri-businesses is critical to the overall success of the industry.
Development of cooperatives will add dynamic value chain orientation to small farmers who would
otherwise not be able to carry the financial burden and time constraints of food processing.
The African Biogas Association will empower members through
As such it is critical to inform, educate, and farmers on how sharing responsibilities and networking.

Harvest Work

Supply Partnerships

Breathing New Life into Agri- Business

African Biorenewable Association is creating a supply partnership program that will enable small, medium scale farms to combine resources to accelerate local supply programs. The Supply Partnership Program will enable farms to connect resources to meet domestic and international demand efficiently and economically where there is demand. Our services cater to small enterprises interested in modifying their companies but are unsure how to do it.


For members looking to connect or establish various partnership programs in their communities, inquire by emailing Subject title must read "PARTNERSHIP PROGRAMS" for more information.


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