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Discover the Power of Biogas: A renewable energy source derived from organic waste, biogas offers a sustainable solution for electricity generation and heating. Embrace this eco-friendly alternative and contribute to a greener tomorrow. Go green with biogas!

Elevating Africa's Bioresource Economy

The African BioRenewable Association is the leading industry Association dedicated to improving, aligning interests, and enabling a sustainable bioresource economy on the African continent.
Initially established as the African Biogas Association, our organization has evolved since 2011 to now cater to many of our members in the agriculture, waste and water management, recycle and biomass industries. This natural growth underlies the importance of bioenergy to the economy and livelihood on the African continent. As a pan-African industry association, we hope to be able to develop Africa bioresource economy, influence policy and align interests for the betterment of all stakeholders across multiple countries.


Rightfully adapting, our name change has reflected the holistic approach we have to bioenergy. The synergy is in the bioresource perspective. And realizing that our members come from various backgrounds and bring various talent and industry perspectives into the mix is why we have officially taken this approach.

While bioenergy will continue to be important to us, we have also expanded our focus to agriculture, waste management, and the recycle-economy. This multi-faceted approach will allow us to achieve the synergy which will prove more impactful in the long run in creating a more viable and sustainable renewable energy landscape.
We believe that the way forward for a viable future for Africa economically is through the development of its bioresource economy. To accomplish that, vibrant and insightful policies parlayed with investments, coordinated and implemented with a singular focus is necessary. 
Also, private institutions also need a coordinating effort to supplement these efforts, and this is where we come to fulfill that role.
Over 75% of Africans still earn their livelihood through agriculture, and this will not change in the foreseeable future. So building value in today's bioresource economy will go a long way in determining the future of coming generations, thus underlying the importance of the bioresource economy in Africa.

Value Adding Agribusiness


Agric Turnover

Africa imports over $49 billion worth of agricultural products yearly. Many countries continue to dispense a large portion of their GDP on food importation.



The lack of value-adding enterprises, policy and financial support is only continue sub-saharan spiral decline in the competition of the global agriculture produce market.

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Waste Management
Water Management
Circular Economy

Innovate Waste

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